Mayday! Mayday! Rushing through projects?!

Sew Well - Ombre Striped Shingle Dress, Round One

The dress above was supposed to be my next MSN make.  Unfortunately, it’s now a casualty of – dun dun dun dun – rushing through the project.  I just had to have it for a girls’ weekend retreat… which I was leaving for the very next day.

I started out very diligently.  I cut each piece out on the single layer so the stripes would match.  I pressed and turned each hem up so they’d be nice and neat.  I carefully pinned each shingle to the base layer of the dress making sure the back matched the front.  But, then the clock started ticking.  I could feel the weekend approaching, and I started sewing faster and faster.  Scarcely pinning.  Throwing caution to the wind and going straight for the serger without basting first to check the fit.

Thankfully, it seemed to come together quickly.  In fact, it was finished with hours to spare!  (Though, to be honest, I’m the kind of person who thinks there should be days between finishing a project and its supposed deadline.) I threw it on to check the fit only to realize that in the rushing, the shingles had gotten slightly off.  Well, really just the cyan one.  I blame its poly content.  The others (aquaregattanavy) were all cotton and seemed to have held up just fine to my speed sewing.  I ran it back through the serger, and it was worse.  I took out scissors, cut off the offending parts of the side seams, and, of course, threw it back through the serger one more time (since basting first would have obviously taken too long).  It was better, but now there was a little bit of wonkiness to the side seam and some of the little hems on the shingles had flipped up.  I took out the scissors again and cut off all of the little hems I’d painstakingly sewn in.  At that point I decided it was good enough and threw it into my weekend bag.

As you can probably guess from the beginning of this post, the dress didn’t come out again all weekend.  I surprisingly liked the raw hems better than the neatly sewn ones (even the pattern suggests you leave the edges raw!), but I just couldn’t get over the now-wonky side seams.  Plus, I’d lost too much ease in my attempts to fix the shingles.  This dress may have been ignored, but, thankfully, it is destined to be repeated since I like the pattern (Vogue V8904), I’m really excited about my plan to make ombre shingles, and I have plenty of fabric left over since each single takes very little.  So, watch this space for a blue ombre shingle dress… version 2.0.

So, let this crumpled dress be a lesson to all of you.  Don’t rush through your sewing!  Keep it fun!  When seams start going awry, maybe it’s time to turn off the machine.  Remember:  you already have plenty of fabulous clothes to fill many weekend retreats!

No, really, what’s your take on speed sewing?  Are there times it’s okay to rush?

Sew Well - Ombre Striped Shingle Dress, Round One

19 thoughts on “Mayday! Mayday! Rushing through projects?!

  1. I like that pattern, I may have to put it on my wishlist. I try to give myself enough time to finish something before I plan to wear it too, so I think the last time I rushed through a project was a few years ago when I made a ren-faire gown to go to an event at a local medieval town. I didn’t press my seams, so parts of the sleeve decoration looked wonky. Haven’t worn that dress since.

  2. Speed sewing is always a nightmare with me– I’m just not good at sewing fast at all, and more often than not, I end up staying up super duper late trying to meet a deadline, and that’s pretty joyless. 😦

  3. I am the worst for trying to rush things, as I end up cutting corners and never seem to learn that this will only lead to either additional time spent correcting my mistakes or a new wadder to chuck into the UFO pile! I do love your vari-coloured stripes – sorry that they did not work out!

  4. How frustrating! Although, I bet the “mistakes” are not obvious to anyone but you. And a reminder to slow down is always good. I always have to remind myself to get out of the sewing room when I start getting tired – that is when most of my mistakes happen!

  5. Speed sewing ALWAYS gets me in trouble. And I do tend to get impatient and want to finish quickly. That’s when I walk away and do a puzzle…unless the project is due in an hour. Then I speed sew. 😆

  6. Oh dear speed sewing and a new pattern can I say recipe for disaster – ask me how I know. If I need a speed project it is always a tried and true pattern that I can almost make in my sleep!! Looking forward to seeing the slowverse version ombre sounds interesting.

  7. Pobrecita! Love the colors, kitty looks good on them! I’m a sloooow sewer, but the likely cause of your distress was the mix of poly with cotton. Console yourself with that!

  8. I think I would only speed sew on something I’ve already made before. Other times when I’ve rushed through something have resulted in things I wouldn’t wear (or show) in public. 😉 My sympathies for your dress! That is a nice Vogue pattern. I saw it earlier this month and thought of getting it.

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