Tuesdays with Claire: Thread Tracing

Tuesdays with Vogue V8333: Thread Tracing -- on Sew Well

My Vogue V8333 jacket has been a work-in-progress (WIP) for so long that my posts on the subject have had a long string of names based on who’s guidance I was using at the time – from Tuesdays with Gertie to Tuesdays with Claire to Tuesdays with Alison. Since I now feel like I’m pulling from a lot of different sources as I continue to work on this jacket, I debated switching the title of these posts to “Tuesdays with Vogue V8333”, but I just couldn’t take yet another switch. I don’t want to give this poor jacket an identity crisis! Since the pattern is ultimately from Claire Shaeffer’s Custom Couture Collection, I’m going to go back to “Tuesdays with Claire” and leave it at that.

Since my last post about this jacket, I pulled out all of the dubious tailor’s tacks I’d previously put in the front pattern pieces, cut the voile (picked up awhile back from, same as the main fashion fabric) for underlining (based on Alison Smith’s advice in her Craftsy class, which I’ve already reviewed here), marked the important pattern lines directly (but faintly) on the voile, hand stitched the voile to the jacket pieces (on a flat surface – a tip I picked up from a Susan Khalje lesson), and then thread traced the important pattern lines through both pieces of fabric.

Better fasten your seat belts – I’m moving so fast I’m out of control! At this rate the jacket will be finished in no time!

Ha! What I mean to say is that I’m moving along at a snail’s pace, but I figure some forward progress is better than having the jacket pieces sit around collecting dust for yet another year.

Tailoring starts next, so wish me luck. I first plan to rewatch Alison’s classes on traditional tailoring – since it’s now been over two months since I first watched them – to remind myself that it’s not quite as scary as I’ve (again) built it up to be in my head!

How about you – do you have any lingering WIPs that are moving along at a snail’s pace?

5 thoughts on “Tuesdays with Claire: Thread Tracing

  1. You are doing well. Just going back to it again is courageous! We have to be persistent with our sewing. …. I have been meaning to start a jacket.. haven’t just yet…. but I have a few WIP at the moment.. 🙂 Happy sewing..

    1. Thanks! Now to make the time for all of the tailoring. I’m excited to try tailoring, but it sure does seem like it’s something I shouldn’t just try to squeeze in five minutes here and five minutes there. Happy sewing to you, too!

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