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The Blue Zoo Dress

Sew Well - The Blue Zoo Dress - McCall's M4758

I’ve sewn so little for my daughter over the past two years, despite the fact that her favorite dress is a handmade dress her Grandma made her. It has apples all over it and a big, twirly skirt. As soon as that dress comes back from the wash, she’s asking to wear it again. I was pretty sure that if I made her a dress with similar features – a cute print and fun skirt – it would get worn just as much, yet I still never made the time.

To keep my sewing momentum going after my last finished-project post, while still avoiding sewing any maternity clothes, I decided to pull out some fun prints and put my energy towards sewing something for my cute little girl.

Sew Well - The Blue Zoo Dress - McCall's M4758

Sew Well - The Blue Zoo Dress - McCall's M4758

I had just enough of this sky blue animal print, a wonderful surprise from Sonja of Hell Gate Fabrics that was included with a fabric purchase I made a few months back, for the skirt portion of McCall’s M4758. Well, I had enough if I eliminated the bottom tier.

Sew Well - The Blue Zoo Dress - McCall's M4758

After trying out several different options for the bodice, I decided to go simple and top the skirt with a self-lined white voile from FabMo. I then brightened things up with the perfect trim from

Sew Well - The Blue Zoo Dress - McCall's M4758

I made a size 3 in the hopes that my daughter will get at least a year’s wear out of this dress. I’m pretty sure I’ll get my wish because, as you can see above, she definitely has room to grow in it! Ha!

I used my regular sewing machine for the bulk of the dress, only pulling out my serger to neaten and encase the raw edges of the gathers. The instructions for self-lining the bodice made for a nice neat finish to the top, though I also made sure to neaten and trim back my seam allowances since the voile is just transparent enough to show them off if you happen to be looking for them. The trim was pin basted in place and then machine stitched on along the edges.

Everything came together nicely, and I was very pleased with how well the trim paired with the animal print. I loved the addition of the little bit of red and yellow to the dress. And, I’m happy to report that my daughter is very pleased with her new dress and its twirl factor!

Sew Well - The Blue Zoo Dress - McCall's M4758

She was so pleased that I’ve actually already made her another! Stay tuned for yet another adorable dress coming up soon.

2016 is turning into the year of repeats for me: two A-line skirts, a Lonsdale refashion, a second Nina cardigan, a third twist dress, and now two twirly dresses. At least the twirly dresses were made from a new-to-me pattern!

Have you ever found yourself sewing repeats?

7 thoughts on “The Blue Zoo Dress

    1. Thank you thank you thank you for including such a wonderful print in my order. I had no idea you had so many cute Japanese cottons. I was too blinded by the plaids and French terry fabrics! When my budget and stash will allow, I’m definitely planning on stocking up with Hell Gate Fabrics again!

  1. I am all about repeats. The last FO was my 3rd pair of Ginger jeans (too funny who’s reply this follows) and I am currently working on a skirt that is my something like the 6th version and a top that is an abbreviated version of a dress pattern I’ve made 7 times.

    1. Wow! That’s pattern love right there! I like finding patterns that work for me and that I enjoy sewing. Glad I’m not along in that!

  2. Thanks for your comments about your experience with this pattern and your fabric choices. I just bought the McCalls pattern and plan on sewing it for our five granddaughters (all 3 years and younger). Now to choose the fabrics!

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