It’s a Girl! Again!

Sew Well

Ladies and Gentlemen, I’m once again pleased to announce that my husband and I welcomed a darling daughter into the world last week. (Please ignore the blue sleeve cuffs. All of our tiny newborn clothes are hand-me-downs from a family that had two boys!)

And, just as before, our little family is doing well.  Labor was a very speedy affair, due in large part to me being convinced that I wasn’t actually in labor until about three hours before she arrived. I’d never heard that second babies can come fast, but it was definitely true for me!

We’re settling into life as a family of four, and so far it’s going better than I could have ever imagined. As soon as things gain some form of normalcy, I hope to get back to my sewing machine. There’s a nearly completed camisole that’s already waiting for me to figure out my new routine. Until then though, I’m just going to enjoy these early days with a new baby, a wonderful toddler, a loving husband, and a supportive family.

26 thoughts on “It’s a Girl! Again!

  1. Congratulations to Amy & Mr. Sew Well:) Blessings to your new family!!! Enjoy your time off and don’t feel guilty at taking time for your precious family! They always come first.

  2. Congratulations Amy and family, and welcome to the world, Little girl number 2! She’s precious!

  3. Congratulations!!!!! Can’t wait to see and hear more about your new family of four. But rest up and enjoy the new life for the time being.

  4. Congratulations & enjoy!
    I always thought I’d have boys (I have no idea why lol) and ended up with two delightful girls. They are a treasure and a joy… and I’ve loved watching mine grow up together and their strong sister bond, it’s a beautiful thing that they have each other.

  5. Amy, Congratulations to you and your family. She’s just beautiful and you will love having two daughters! I quit sewing for myself and began sewing for my daughters after the second was born. It was such a happy, happy time 🙂
    Best wishes to you!

  6. Congratulations, Amy! Another beautiful girl for whom you can sew darling clothing (so jealous!). Wish you all the best of luck, and take your time getting back into sewing; it can all wait 🙂

  7. Best wishes to you and your beautiful family! Two little girls! How wonderful for a sewing mom! My you and your husband have endless moments, days, months, and years of joy.

  8. Congratulations, Amy. You are a busy gal right now but am thinking of you. Wonder if you ever thought the children would be better off being educated in SF but now that you are not there, hopefully there are no regrets. The fog in SF does not come in anymore at 2 pm. Things change.

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