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A Hello and a Goodbye: Gray Chevron Elephant Baby Blanket

Hello again! It seems all I needed to do to get my little one to decide she was okay sleeping on her own – at least at the beginning of the night – was to tell the internet that she wouldn’t let me have any time to myself. Maybe she’s worried about what her future friends will think when they stumble upon her mom’s sewing blog and find that post?! Or, perhaps it’s just a sign that she’s growing up and shedding some of her infant ways?

The feeling of freedom has been strange, but I’ve been trying to make the most of it. The white cami is still in time out, so I’ve turned my attention to making my daughters matching Halloween costumes. The clock is ticking, so wish me luck!

I also wanted to use some of this newfound time to finally post the one thing I was able to finish during those first weeks with the new baby when my parents were in town helping out. Yes, as I’m sure you guessed from the title of this post, the few precious free moments I had while my parents were watching both girls were spent making another baby blanket.

Sew Well - A Hello and a Goodbye: Gray Chevron Elephant Baby Blanket

At a recent fabric shopping meet up, gMarie of gMarie Sews announced that she was going to become a grandmother. She also announced that she was weeks away from moving across the country to be closer to her family and live out her dream of owning a bed and breakfast. I drove home from the fabric store dreaming up this elephant baby blanket – something she could share with her future grandbaby that would also serve to remind her of her sewing friends in Seattle.

Sew Well - A Hello and a Goodbye: Gray Chevron Elephant Baby Blanket

Despite having made a million of these blankets, this one marks the first time I used different minky fabrics for the head and the body. I really like the playfulness the chevron pattern adds to the blanket, but I didn’t have time to source identical grays. The subtle difference between them bothers me ever so sightly. Enough that next time I’ll try to find a perfect match.

Sew Well - A Hello and a Goodbye: Gray Chevron Elephant Baby Blanket

This cute face was made with love so that it could say hello to a new little grandbaby and goodbye to a good friend.

gMarie, your Seattle sewing friends miss you! Hopefully one day we’ll plan a group trip to your bed and breakfast!

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