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Awhile ago, back when I was living in California and sewing and blogging regularly, I took a trip to New Hampshire for the wedding of one of my good friends from college. A few friends from my college days had recently found this sewing blog of mine, and I remember sitting down with them at… Continue reading Balance


It’s a Girl! Again!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I'm once again pleased to announce that my husband and I welcomed a darling daughter into the world last week. (Please ignore the blue sleeve cuffs. All of our tiny newborn clothes are hand-me-downs from a family that had two boys!) And, just as before, our little family is doing well.  Labor was… Continue reading It’s a Girl! Again!

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Pleat Hem Dart – PhDs and Sewing

Recently, the sewing world and the scientific world united in celebration over Seamstress Erin getting her Ph.D.  With her degree in hand, Erin's had a bit of time to reflect on how important sewing and knitting and quilting and crochet and...  well, you get the point... were to getting her to the end of graduate school.  So, she's putting together… Continue reading Pleat Hem Dart – PhDs and Sewing