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Mood Sewing Network

I’m sure you’ve heard about it by now: the Mood Sewing Network. I can’t tell you how honored and flattered I am to be counted among the sewing bloggers helping to launch this group.

Recognize Amanda, Carolyn, Erica, Marina, GingerMakes, Goodbye Valentino, Miss Celie, and Oonaballoona? Can you believe I’m in such company?! I still can’t.

The details of the Mood Sewing Network are pretty straight forward…

Each month Mood Fabrics provides the Mood Sewing Network bloggers with an allowance for fabric that they can spend online at or in our NYC or LA stores. The bloggers, in turn, will sew a garment with Mood fabrics each month and then blog about it on their own blogs and here.

Easy peasy. We pick out whatever fabric we want, use our allowance towards its purchase, and then make whatever we want. We don’t even have to make something for ourselves. In fact, this month I’m making my husband a shirt (a very belated second anniversary present). We’re also expected to be candid. If a project is a flop, we can write about its shortcomings. If the fabric we received wasn’t exactly what we expected, we can write about our disappointment.

The Mood Sewing Network is really all about celebrating sewing, creativity, and nice fabric. It’s an exciting time over here, and I hope you’re just as thrilled as I am. And, honestly, I also hope you’re wondering how you can be a part of the Mood Sewing Network, too, since I want to be in your company as well! (Details coming soon.)

Until then, let’s look forward to a manly flannel shirt, a swingy striped dress, and a bright peplum dress over the coming months!

17 thoughts on “Mood Sewing Network

  1. Congratulations! It is so fun to see your work! I have been following for a little while, and I love to see your creations and I am so inspired by how many garments you crank out! The one a month wont be a problem for you 🙂

  2. How exciting to see your sewing recognized by Mood! I think you totally belong in that company, and I imagine even a flannel shirt from you will be superbly done and have all the little details that are a hallmark of your meticulousness.

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